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Bristol Autism Spectrum Service (BASS)

BASS Autism Services provide a service to adults with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) and professionals and carers who support them. There are allocated services for four geographical areas: [email protected], [email protected] and North East Somerset (BANES), [email protected] Somerset and [email protected] Gloucestershire.


What we do

  • Assess and diagnose people who are referred to us by their GP.

  • Support colleagues in mental health services to assess and diagnose.

  • Social support assessments to people who have been diagnosed by our team.

  • Advice service with groups on mindfulness, managing anxiety, social cognition and interaction, as well as an opportunity to book one to one sessions with our staff.

  • Post-diagnostic support - psycho-education, coping strategies and signposting.

  • Training in Asperger syndrome and ASCs ranging from one hour awareness sessions to a full day's training.


We do not hold a caseload or care coordinate. We currently accept referrals for people within Bristol, North Somerset, BANES and South Gloucestershire. Referrals outside of these areas can be seen on a cost per case basis, subject to funding being agreed by the referring clinical commissioning group.



For further information:


Tel: 01275 796204

Email: [email protected]




A few ideas as to what is available to you from BASS...



Newsletters: Contact BASS if you would like to receive the newsletter for the area relevant to you.


Weekly Advice Service: For autistic adults in Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. What is offered varies slightly at each of the services, so it is best to check the information on their website, but they offer one to one appointments to meet with a member of staff to discuss issues such as: housing, education, relationships, managing emotions, learning more about autism, signposting to other services.


Autism diagnostic process, GP Information, Training and condition awareness and BASS resources and links


Groups offered by BASS (subject to change):

  • Partner/Spouse Group

  • Walking Group

  • 1:1 sessions

  • Mindfulness sessions

  • Post diagnostic support

  • Carers and Families Afternoons

  • Film Group


For more information on BASS social groups, take a look at our social groups page.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 2nd July 2020: All face-to-face BASS services are suspended until further notice. This includes all clinic appointments, training events, groups and advice services. A telephone and email service to support autistic adults and staff working with them is available.