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Autistic Eye


Josh Curd, who has Asperger's syndrome, has a not-for-profit social enterprise called Autistic Eye. It provides an opportunity for people on the Autistic Spectrum to sell their artwork and share it in a positive and insightful way. Our tagline is 'seeing things differently' and that's what we're all about.


Prints are exhibited at ‘Cafe at the Centre’ Manvers Street Bath. Cards are for sale at the café, at Ammerdown Centre and from the website.


Autistic Eye are now looking:


Josh asks that you look at the website, buy some cards, become a FRIEND and spread the word.

My name's Matthew and I provide therapeutic and educational music facilitation for people of all ages and abilities in Bristol and the wider area. My 1:1 and group sessions foster positive communication, interaction and self-expression using music as a tool. Sessions typically involve the following:

  • A wide range of world drums and percussion instruments for exploring rhythm.

  • Tactile and electronic instruments such as ocean drums, piano mats, glockenspiels, bells, air synths and keyboards for encouraging a musical dialogue between myself and participants, and also between the participants themselves.

  • A guitar and keyboard for singing popular songs and also to make up songs on the spot that reflect what the group is doing.

  • Loop pedals and samplers that allow me to create a live soundscape that the participants can contribute to and immerse themselves in.


The sessions are very wide-ranging and there is something for everyone.


For more information including videos, pictures and testimonials please visit my website